WB Sculpture Studio

WB Sculpture Studio

has created mobiles, indoor and outdoor sculptures, furniture, wall pieces and tons of commissions over the past twenty years.  These fluid and sophisticated pieces of art can be found throughout the United States and around the world.

With a background in civil engineering, Whitmore Boogaerts has enjoyed working with architects, business owners, and art collectors to design pieces which not only suit the environment but also add a new vision.

With the 7500 sf studio located in Providence, RI, Whitmore and his staff combine balance and design with attention to detail through strong craftsmanship. The goal of each piece is to let nature itself flow through the work.

The gallery space usually has a large selection of new work.




怀特莫尔·布加耶茨(Whitmore Boogaerts)有着土木工程的背景,他喜欢与建筑师、企业主和艺术收藏家合作,设计出既适合环境又能增添新视野的作品。




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